The results are in from the “School Calendar Survey” that was conducted in September.  The outcome shows, parents and staff are open to changes in the school calendar.

Participants in the district’s recent Calendar Survey were split between a calendar that closely matches the current schedule and one that amends the timing and length of school breaks.

“This survey gives the school board insight into parent and staff opinions, so board members can establish a calendar for future academic years that is in the best interest of our entire community,” said Dr. Donna Wright, superintendent of Wilson County Schools. “With two options receiving strong support from survey participants, the school board has a lot to consider as it begins its discussions.”

In September, Wilson County Schools, in partnership with independent research and communications firm K12 Insight, invited parents, guardians, and employees to share their preferences for future fall, Thanksgiving, and winter breaks. Participants were also asked to rank three calendar options, explain their preference, and share what impact eliminating fall break would have on their families.

A total of 8,158 people participated in the survey.  Survey participants said they prefer to keep fall break, but varied on how long that break should be and, in turn, how long the Thanksgiving and winter breaks should be.

Option 2, which included a two-week fall break, was the top preference.  4,224 participants are in favor of this schedule.

Option 1 was the second most popular choice, with 3,156 participants saying that this was their favorite.