Donna Wright, Ed.D, Director of Schools


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We are excited about the success of our students and are celebrating their achievements. Wilson County Schools has seen significant gains in both growth and achievement over the past two years.

Ten of Wilson County Schools received all “As” in achievement in grades 3-8 for math, reading/language arts and science on the 2014-15 Tennessee Department of Education Report Card. This was not done by accident, it was deliberate, and only occurred because of the hard work, dedication and educational focus of our teachers, administrators, students and parents.

In addition, Wilson County Schools achieved a composite Level 5 in growth, the highest attainable level, in all subject areas.

We continue to meet and exceed the State’s benchmarks for 2016:

• The district obtained all As in grades 3-8 for achievement
• The district’s graduation rate for 2015-16 is 95.16 percent, surpassing the state’s 87.8 percent
• The district has a 20.3 composite score on the ACT, up from last year’s 20.0. The ACT composite score has grown .6 over the last two years and we are seeing significant growth in each junior class as they increase the overall ACT composite score.

This past year, Wilson County Schools had five Reward Schools recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education based on student performance: Lakeview Elementary, Gladeville Elementary, Mt. Juliet Elementary, Mt. Juliet High School, and W.A. Wright Elementary School. Three of these schools were also recognized as a Reward School for both achievement and growth: W.A. Wright Elementary, Gladeville Elementary and Mt. Juliet High School. Only nine schools statewide received this distinction, and three of them were from Wilson County.

The students, teachers, administrators, and parents have much to be proud of and to celebrate. We will continue to work diligently to help improve both achievement and growth as our students move through the school system.