Nutrition Education in Wilson County

The Wilson County School Nutrition Department offers a variety of nutrition education classes for our students.  For information or to schedule a class, contact Dana Worley, Wilson County Nutrition Education Coordinator,  at 453-7294 or


Spencer’s Own

This country band of brothers, known as “Spencer’s Own” recently performed at West Wilson Middle School and Mt. Juliet Middle School.
While the group caters to a country audience, they have a program tailored for schools that focuses on educating students about nutrition, substance abuse and character building.

The School Nutrition sponsored this event and Spencer’s Own will be back for more shows in 2017.

Watertown Middle School Project

On Tuesday, February 16, 2016, Watertown Middle School Cafeteria hosted a Fresh Fruit and Fruit Water sampling at lunch time. Dana Worley and Tammi Brewster, manager, set up a table outside the cafeteria, and allowed the students to sample frozen blueberries, fresh orange, lemon, and kiwi wedges.

The students were offered homemade fruit infused water to sample. They had a choice of 2 flavors, Berry or Citrus. The students that sampled both waters had the opportunity to complete a ballot for which flavor they liked better. There were 52 students who filled out ballots, and Berry Water won by a margin of 29-22, making for a “close race”.

Out of the approximately 200 students who sampled our wares, several students tried things they may never have tried before. Students who do not normally purchase a school lunch came to try our fruit and infused water.

The goal of our Fresh Fruit and Fruit Infused Water Sampling Day was to introduce all the students to new fruits, and a new way to enjoy increasing their water intake each day. This project was a roaring success! The students provided overwhelming positive feedback, and can’t wait for the next sampling day.

It’s great when students have chance to give their input to the school cafeteria manager. A good time was had by all!

Fruited Water

Fruited Water.3


Kasey, Kole, and Kali visit Elzie Patton and Mount Juliet Elementary Schools

The Kasey Program uses a black Labrador Retriever to demonstrate the safety skills taught, i.e., Kasey demonstrates, Stop, Drop & Roll, checking the door to see if it’s hot, crawling under the smoke, as well as many other skills. The program is designed to educate children from preschool age to 6th grade. The dogs wear the badge of the Indianapolis Fire Department and are trained as search and rescue as well as therapy dogs at both of Indiana’s burn camps and the State of Illinois burn camp. The Kasey program is sponsored by Koorsen fire and security.

Kasey Fire Dog

Kale Day

On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, Watertown Middle School Cafeteria hosted a Kale day. That day the Manager, Tammi Brewster, and her supervisor, Dana Worley, made homemade Kale Chips for the students to try. These were served to anyone who wanted to try them. If the students decided to try the kale chips, they were also given a free School Nutrition themed bookmark.

The taste testing was a hit. There were mixed reviews from the students – some loved the chips, and some didn’t – but it expanded their horizons by allowing them to try something most of them had never had before.

Kale Day


Lakeview Elementary students celebrated the season with a “Taste of Fall”. The students sampled black beans, pumpkin, and butternut squash. All three fall flavors received a thumbs up.

IMG_0051 IMG_0052


 On September 30th school cafeterias across Wilson County celebrated World School Milk Day.

The Food and Agriculture Organization created WSMD to focus attention on school milk with celebrations around the globe highlighting the health benefits of milk.

Our students had a lot of fun with milk mustaches, free pencils and a “name the cow” contest.

There was even a cow “spotted” at Gladeville Elementary.

CO  GE World Milk Day 2015 (2)

Rutland Pre-K Milk Day (2)  West Elem.4

West Elem.5  West Elem.7