Kasey made a guest appearance at WA Wright and West on December 14, 2016.

The Kasey Program is a program that teaches children fire & life safety skills by using Kasey, a black Labrador retriever, to perform the skills firefighters teach, i.e., stop, drop & roll, checking the door to see if it’s hot, knowing two ways out, etc. The program is geared for children preschool through 6th grade. The Kasey program is the only full time, nationally touring, fire prevention program in the country.

The dogs wear the badge of the Indianapolis Fire Department and are trained as search and rescue as well as therapy dogs at both of Indiana’s burn camps and the State of Illinois burn camp.


Watermelon Day at Stoner Creek Elementary

Stoner Creek Elementary School recently enjoyed “Watermelon Day!” in the cafeteria.  Students and Staff were treated to delicious watermelon wedges at lunch and all students received a variety of fun watermelon themed promotional items, including stickers, coloring books, recipe cards, mazes, and fact sheets.  As a reward for everyone learning their lunch numbers, Ms. Byrum & Mrs. Wades Kindergarten class was chosen to receive a special in-class taste testing and learned some fun facts about watermelon!  Students learned that watermelon is both a fruit AND a vegetable, and that you can actually eat the rind of the watermelon.   Ms. Byrum demonstrated by eating her watermelon wedge, rind and all!  J It was a fun and tasty day for everyone!

Watermelon Day1

Watermelon Day3

Watermelon Day2

Watermelon Day4