Q. How does my child qualify for the Pre-K program?

A. ALL children in the Pre-K Program MUST turn 4 by August 15th.

1st Priority for Enrollment:

  • The family meets federal income poverty guidelines.

2nd Priority for Enrollment:

  • The child has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
  • The child is in state or foster care
  • The child is an English Language Learner (ELL)
  • The Parent is deployed in active military duty

If spaces are still available, we may enroll children based on the Community Pre-K Advisory Council priority for enrollment:

  • Premature birth (4 weeks or more)
  • Low developmental screening (AGS, Fluharty, Brigance)
  • Teenage mother/father
  • Child being raised by Grandparent or other family member (not biological parent)
  • TEIS services; does not qualify for Special Education Services
  • WIC; SSI; Families First; Even Start services
  • Prior Head Start services


Q. What happens after registration?

A. The income eligibility worksheet will be reviewed by the Wilson County Pre-K staff to determine eligibility. The Pre-K Coordinator will review the At-Risk questionnaires to take into consideration any other eligibility factors.


Q. When will I find out if my child is eligible for the Pre-K program?

A. You will receive a letter letting you know whether or not your child meets the eligibility criteria for priority placement in the Pre-K program.


Q. What if my child does not qualify?

A. Your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list. Any additional spaces will be filled on a first come-first serve basis (based on the received application date). Children in this category will be notified by the start of the school year to see if you are still interested in the Pre-K program if additional spaces are available.


Q. What happens next if my child is accepted in the Pre-K program?

A. You will receive a letter or phone call from a Head Start Family Service Coordinator or the Pre-K Progam Assistant. We will set -up a time to meet with you and your child to complete the paperwork for the Pre-K program. You will need your child’s birth certificate, social security card, complete immunizations and physical before school starts.


Q. What does Head Start have to do with the Pre-K program?

A. Wilson County Schools and Head Start work together to provide educational, medical, dental, and family services for all students enrolled in the Pre-K program. This partnership helps families establish a confident link between school and home.


Q. Where are the Pre-K classes located?

A. Current locations:

Carroll Oakland Elementary
Elzie Patton Elementary
Gladeville Elementary
Rutland Elementary (2 classes)
Southside Elementary
W.A. Wright Elementary (2 classes)
Watertown Elementary (2 classes)


Q. Where would my child attend Pre-K if a class is not located in our zoned school?

A. Eligibile students zoned to a school that has a Pre-K class get 1st priority for that school. If space ia available at a class near you, your child will be able to attend that Pre-K class even though it is not your zoned school. Pre-K is voluntary and parents provide transportation.


Q. Is there a charge for my child to attend the Pre-K program?

A. There is not a charge for children to attend the Pre-K program. If you do not qualify for free or reduced meals, you will be asked to pay for breakfast and lunch provided by the school cafeteria. Outside lunches are not permitted.

Q. What are the Pre-K class hours?

A. Pre-K students go to school 5 1/2 hours each school day. Typically, Pre-K students start school 15 minutes after all other students begin and end 1 hour before all other students dismiss.


Q. Do Pre-K students come to school every day?

A. Yes. Daily attendance is critical for your child in order to be ready for Kindergarten. When a child is absent, please send a doctors excuse or parent note to school the next day. Students that miss consistently may be asked to give up their spot in th class to another eligible child.


Q. Is bus transportation available for the Pre-K students?

A. No. Transportation is provided by the parents or guardians.


Q. Is before and after daycare available for Pre-K students at the school?

A. No. We do not provide any before or after daycare for our students.


Q. What do Pre-K students wear to school?

A. Pre-K students follow the standard dress code adopted by the Wilson County Board of Education. A copy of the dress code is available here:  Wilson County Schools Dress Code.


Q. Is breakfast and lunch available for Pre-K students?

A. Yes. All children in the Pre-K program are expected to eat the meals provided at school. Children in the Pre-K program are served a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack daily. Many children are very “picky” eaters. Our school nutrition staff provides a variety of choices for your child. The Pre-K students eat “family-style” in their classroom. Meals are a teaching and learning time. We encourage children to try new foods and expand their tastes. We ask that you do not send packed lunches or outside food for your child.


Q. What do children do in the Pre-K program?

A. When you walk into our high-quality Pre-K classrooms, you will see children involved in active, hands-on learning that engages each child and fosters a love of learning. Activities are designed to enhance a child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn through particiption in both large and small group activities. Play is essential to the development of strong learners.