Tonight, Wilson County Schools Director, Dr. Donna Wright, met with parents at Elzie Patton Elementary school to unveil the proposed re-zoning maps for next school year.

Here’s a broad overview of what the rezoning would look like:

  • 537 students who currently attend Stoner Creek Elementary will be rezoned to the new Springdale Elementary school, which opens next August.
  • 200 students who currently attend Elzie Patton Elementary will be rezoned to Stoner Creek Elementary. This will greatly reduce the overcrowding at Elzie Patton and allow the district to remove 5 portables, which now house 10 classrooms.
  • Today, approximately 745 students attend both Elzie Patton and Stoner Creek.
  • If approved by the Wilson Co. school board, the student population at each school will be as follows:

Elzie Patton- 544
Stoner Creek-

No students at any other Wilson County schools will be impacted by the proposed plan.  The rezoning plan submitted tonight is a proposal, and will have to be approved by the school board in order to become final.

Specific maps and street listings for each school can be found below:

Elzie Patton School Zone
Elzie Patton Street Listing

Stoner Creek School Zone
Stoner Creek Street Listing

Springdale School Zone
Springdale Street Listing