This morning, the Tennessee Department of Education released their statewide report card for the 2016-2017 school year.  Students in Wilson County continue to make gains in both growth and achievement, despite the recent overhaul of statewide assessments.

Dr. Donna WrightDirector of Schools, Dr. Donna Wright, says she’s not only encouraged by the results, but eager to see where we go from here, “When you think about it, last spring was the first time students in grades 3-8 had ever taken the TNReady assessment.  It’ll be very telling to see where we are a year from now.  We anticipate the scores to continue rising, once our teachers and students get more and more acclimated with the new state standards and test format.”  During the 2015-2016 calendar year, only high school students were able to participate in TNReady assessments, due to a problem with the previous vendor.

The report card also measures a number of other important statistics within each district, such as attendance, graduation rates, and ACT scores.  Wilson County remains one of the top performing districts in the state, with a graduation rate of 96.2%, and an ACT composite score of 21.  More than half the students who graduated from one of our high schools last year met the eligibility requirements to receive a HOPE scholarship.

Wilson County’s TVAAS composite is at a Level 3, which indicates that Wilson County is making expected growth in all content areas.  This is an increase from the previous year, in which the district received a level 1.  In TVAAS numeracy, the district received a level 5, which is the highest possible score.  The district continues to exceed state averages for achievement, in all subject areas.

To view the entire state report card, visit the Tennessee Report Card site.