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Students will sign-in and access the programs ONLY through Clever by following these steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Log into Chrome with the wilsonk12tn.us account.
  • Click Link Data
  • Click the WCS Bookmarks drop-down menu in the bookmark bar.
  • Choose Clever.
Gibbs Smith
Grades: 4th-5th
Description: Each program is carefully crafted to align with the latest state-specific social studies standards. No two states have the same story or the same standards for social studies content. Gibbs-Smith captures Tennessee State history early years and later years.
Grades: K-5
Description: ThinkCentral allows students to access resources for Reading and Math. Specifically Journeys and GoMath. Digital options are available to students CLEVER.
Grades: 2nd-3rd
Description: This weekly magazine curriculum teaches the same information as a textbook, but in a colorful, illustrated format. Studies Weekly’s online version of the curriculum brings learning to life with primary source videos, audio files, photos and so much more. This media, combined with the attractive print format, creates an emotional engagement that feeds critical thinking skills development.
McGraw-Hill Glencoe
Description: Offers solutions to help educators impart their knowledge to students more efficiently.


Digital Student Resources


Achieve 3000
Grades: K-12
Description: Achieve provides the only patented, cloud-based solutions that deliver daily differentiated instruction for nonfiction reading and writing that’s precisely tailored to each student’s Lexile® reading level.
Discovery Education
Grades: K-12
Description: Steaming Plus: Discovery Education streaming is curated by subject matter experts into content collections by grade and topic, resources include interactive activities, reading passages, audio clips, skill builders, and writing prompts that engage students and extend critical thinking.

Science Techbook is found in Discovery Education including real world science phenomena. The Science Techbook combines different types of media to explain and reinforce complex cross-cutting science concepts.
Grades: District Wide
Description: Wilson County Schools is a Google District. Google provides our students and staff access to google classroom, g suite, and more!

K-5 Students do not have gmail.
Grades: K-8
Description: MobyMax finds and fixes learning gaps with the power of personalized learning. MobyMax’s adaptive curriculum creates an individualized education plan for each student
Grades: K-12
Description: Star 360, the leading interim and formative assessment, lights the learning path for grade-level domain mastery down to the sub-skill level. Star 360 screeners are only performed at school. Students will not log in STAR at home.
Grades: District Wide
Description: Skyward Mobile Access provides intuitive access for students, parents, and school staff that currently use Skyward’s Family Access, Student Access, or Employee Access. Skyward Mobile Access will automatically locate your district and take you instantly to your vital information such as grades, attendance, and more.
Grades: K-2
Description: Accelerate students toward mastery of foundational reading skills with Smarty Ants®. Smarty Ants® is an effective, research-driven solution that differentiates instruction and accelerates students on the path to foundational literacy – all in an engaging, interactive, learning environment.