One of the largest support services in the district, the Wilson County Schools Transportation Department transports approximately 12,800 students every morning and afternoon, including 300 special needs students. School buses service 19 county schools each day. The district provides transportation for all students to their school of attendance except for students who are  out of zone and/or attend MAP Academy.

To be successful at transporting Wilson County’s Future 189 school buses are utilized.  These buses travel approximately 2 million miles annually including field trips. Each year, the school bus fleet is inspected by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security to ensure a high standard of safety for our students and the bus drivers. We are very proud to consistently receive a high rating due to our extensive maintenance program. The 2011/12 inspection resulted in a 92% rating from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.  We are also proud to report that our reputation for safety is one of the best in the region.